Decide on a night when most of the youth is available and get the word out for other helpers. You'll need adult helpers too, especially in the kitchen. As with other fundraisers, ask the congregation for donations of money or supplies to help offset the cost. You'll also want to ask for donations of desserts since these dinners usually consist of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, dessert and a drink.
We recognize the Church as God’s primary representative in the world. We also believe the local congregation of believers is His primary representative within a particular geographic area. Therefore, we consider local church accountability and financial support primary indicators of the priority, integrity, and sustainability of a particular project. A church must be willing to invest financially in a project for Mustard Seed to consider funding that project. We do not consider in-kind contributions alone as local church financial support. Projects initiated by parachurch organizations or denominational bodies will only be considered if there is clear evidence of financial support from a local church or multiple congregations.
If you are part of a larger denomination with a formal organizational structure you may be able to receive a grant from your own “parent” church. For example, the United Methodist Church provides grants to member churches as part of a specific campaign as well as to those who wish to start a new church. Your parent church is an excellent place to start looking for a grant since you already have a relationship with the grant maker.
“Most fundraising sponsors have goals, but very few have what we call “first day goals”. Having a first day sales goal is an effective way to jumpstart your fundraiser. It’s been proven that most sales are made within the first 3-4 days, so why not capitalize on it? The result is that sponsors end up leaving money on the table because not only are they missing out on more early sales, they’re also not creating critical momentum that will set a stronger tone throughout.
The ABC Fundraising® Cookie Dough Fundraiser offers up to an amazing 80% Profit and there is absolutely no risk involved to start this youth fundraiser. It’s a great fundraising idea for youth groups! We provide your youth group with FREE Order Taking Brochures to make your fundraiser quick and easy. The Crazy About Cookies® Cookie Dough we provide for your fundraiser is the best tasting cookie dough out there. We tried a half a dozen other cookie dough companies and settled on Crazy About Cookies® for the great taste and variety they provide. Our cookie dough fundraiser will help your group raise a lot of dough! This Cookie Dough Fundraiser is great for Youth Fundraising. In fact, of all the youth  fundraisers we provide, the cookie dough fundraiser has been the most popular youth fundraising idea. A Cookie Dough Fundraiser can be an essential product when creating a successful fundraising campaign for youth groups.
Sign up with a text-to-give provider and then start promoting your text-to-give option to your supporters! Soon, donors will be using your text-to-give tool to give from wherever they are! You can even incorporate text-to-give into your next event or gathering and encourage all of your attendees to pull out their phones and make a donation right then and there.

Most of our summer trips are over and none of us are thinking about next summer’s camp or mission trip yet (if you are, you’re a freakishly amazing administrator), but many of us are planning our fall ministry and need to include some fund raising events. Here are 71 ideas my denomination put together for a sr. high conference that took place earlier this summer.
A lot of crowdfunding campaigns get discouraged when the world doesn’t beat down their door to fund their project. They end up running to a crowdfunding promotion service that just ends up taking their money and setting them further from their goal. Understand why most of these fundraising promotion services are a scam and how to promote your own campaign.

Yes, we are serious… BINGO is not just for the older generation. You will be amazed at how all ages get into a BINGO night if you do it right. You can also pair this with an easy meal like soup and sandwiches or a baked potato bar and charge a donation per meal. First, you need to ask people to donate gift items and divide them up by value. Have a table with not-so-nice items such as dollar store goodies, seasonal decor, etc. Have another table with nicer gifts. These are your prizes. The idea is to charge a fee for each BINGO card, and the fee is based on the prizes they are playing for. Charge $1 per card for the nice prizes and charge $.25 for a card for the not-so-nice prizes. You are going to need a lot of BINGO cards (check with your local senior citizens center) and a loud, good BINGO caller/host. Once the competition starts heating up, those BINGO cards will start selling like crazy!

In addition to selling individual tickets, customize your mobile-friendly forms for twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, making it easy for teams to sign up and for you to sell out your event. You can also approach local businesses and community groups who may want to sponsor teams to support your event. You can award trophies for the foursome who raises the most money, gets the highest number of individual donors to contribute and most creatively shares their custom fundraising donation form over social media.
Various types of capital campaigns have been identified. The traditional "brick and mortar" campaign, focused on building construction or improvements, was considered a "once in a lifetime" campaign in the past because of the ambitious goals of the campaign. Today, however, organizations frequently schedule capital campaigns every five to ten years, and "the megagoals announced by large institutions often are the result of 'counting everything' during a five-to seven-year campaign period".[15]
If you have access to a projector, show a movie on the church lawn and call it Screen on the Green. Let people bring blankets and lawn chairs. Serve popcorn in small popcorn bags along with water, coffee, and juice (for the kiddos) and charge one price for everything (try to get as much donated as possible). If you have it inside, you can tell people to wear their pajamas (appropriate of course) just to make it different and exciting. Around Christmas, you can do a movie night for kids and charge $1 to watch The Polar Express. Be creative about when you do it and what you show! Oh, and show a BigStuf promo video before the movie (like they show previews at the theater). It’s a great way to remind everyone what their donations are going towards and how awesome camp is going to be!

"However, there should be no poor among you, for in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you, if only you fully obey the LORD your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today. If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs" (NIV).
Survey your supporters to find out who likes to (and can) sing, then empower them to do more than just sing for a cause by making them fundraisers on your behalf. Set up a crowdfunding campaign that will allow them to share their personal fundraising pages with friends and family. If your group of spirited singers can go door-to-door in your community, at each stop, you can also let your audience know how easy it is for them to text your keyword to make a donation. It can also be as easy as opening the doors to your offices and stepping outside if you’re in an area that gets good foot traffic. Contact your Chamber of Commerce to see if your group can visit local businesses with the gift of song in exchange for their support to promote your fundraising campaign.
Fundraising Flower Bulbs are like candle fundraisers. Your profit percentage is not affected by the number of orders you take. You get 50% profit or half the selling price for every item you sell. That means smaller groups make the same profits for selling flowers as larger groups. If you sell less than 150 fundraising flower bulbs, though, there is a $65 shipping fee which will affect your total profit. Orders of 150 or more flower bulb orders will qualify you for free shipping.

This is another quick and easy fundraiser. Have a location in the church where there are 100 envelopes labeled from 1-100. Members of the church select an envelope and fill it with the amount written on the outside. They turn in the envelope to the youth department and the money goes towards camp. If all the envelopes are fulfilled, you will raise $5,050!